Prime Separations
Separations and Purification Solutions for a Green Planet
Markets We Serve
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What we do?

                                Provide Economic and Green Separations Solutions for $B Industries


Prime Separations, Inc. Film Based Chromatography (FBC) is a new paradigm in process chromatography. The first in several decades!
Advantages over existing solutions
•       Continuous vs batch (i.e. column chromatography)

•       Performs separations in the presence of debris

•       Major lower capital and operating costs

•       Significant reduction of resources: less water/buffer consumption

•       Simplification of most processes and reduction to practice

A few green planet and industrial markets to benefit from Prime’s FBC
•      Bio-pharmaceutical, i.e. recombinant proteins

•      Small molecule pharmaceuticals

•      E-waste--recovery of precious metals from end of life electronics

•      Mining—remediation of tailing ponds, boutique mining, Blue Mining

•      Biomass--separation and purification of value added chemicals from renewable and waste resources

•      Remediation of water and land contaminated sites