Prime Separations
Separations and Purification Solutions for a Green Planet


Overview of Prime


            Disposable solution/patented technology….disruptive implications for the market



Prime Separations was started in early 2003 in the laboratory of a company that makes specialty chemicals for large/small businesses to optimize their compounds for the market. The founder had been an owner in this business before retiring in 2000 and returning to science as he had envisioned a new separations solution. Because of his extensive polymer, chemistry and industry experience gained at over 25 years in Polaroid’s laboratory and consulting experience in major industries around the world the founder was able to put this unique background together with assistance from a successful, early stage life science process business leader/investor with direct experience/success in the separation/purification market to enable this significant invention which received its first patent in 2007. Subsequent work over the next few years refined the manufacturing process by developing proprietary process techniques which are vital to accomplishing a successful technology transfer and product/market entry. Prime is in the process of filing additional patents for other innovative technologies that has been identified.


Prime Separations, Inc. (PSI) has developed and patented a disruptive (2x-100 x improvement) market solution for the continuous separation and purification of molecules ranging from small organic compounds, precious metals, proteins, and contaminants by utilizing a chromatographic film format employing proprietary separation chemistries. Prime addresses many cost, environmental, process, profit, competitive and governmental needs that have created enormous pull for PSI in the marketplace to fulfill these critical unmet needs. Prime has at least a 3-4 year lead on any potential competitors and provide vertical partners with opportunities to capture new $B markets.


PSI’s addressable market opportunity of $30B+ includes food/agriculture ($B+), pharmaceuticals ($5B+), mining ($B+), e--waste market ($5B, is expected to surpass $15B by 2015) and new areas that have not been able to be economically addressed by existing technologies. Prime is a “Green Separations Company” as its process minimizes solvents, sharply reduces water usage, eliminates contaminants…many other environmental and cost benefits not available with current separation solutions.


The invention and subsequent products challenge for the first time in over 50 years the traditional methods utilized to perform separations and purification. In just one of these multi-billion dollar markets, biopharmaceuticals ($5B US market, 11% CAGR for process equipment and disposables) PSI’s solution would replace the high cost capital equipment, batch process utilizing large columns and expensive media with a continuous, low cost, environmentally superior, disposable solution with significant margins. An independent test by a public pharmaceutical company provided results that would allow them to produce a specific antibody for $40/kilogram vs. $4000/kilogram. PSI’s has validated tests in other vertical markets with similar outstanding results.


About Management Team



Henry S. Kolesinski: Founder, Chief Executive Officer, R&D and applications development.  Hank has many years of synthetic chemistry background with the Polaroid Corp. where he developed and patented numerous unique chemistries for the photographic industry. He gained his life science experience as a consultant to Millipore and Waters. He was the founder of Cohesive Technologies, a supplier of chromatographic instrumentation which was acquired by Thermo Electron Corp. He has several issued and pending patents relating to the separation industry and multiple technical publications. he received his degree in chemistry from Northeastern University.

Robert S. Cooley:
Co-Founder, and President.  Mr. Cooley is a recognized global market expert in the area of liquid chromatographic separations.  Mr. Cooley founded YMC, Inc. and grew it to successful exit. Prior to YMC, Mr. Cooley held numerous senior management positions within Waters Corporation, the global leader for chromatographic separations. He successfully developed the first process scale HPLC for production as VP of Chromatography at Whatman Chemical Separations, Inc., and expanded the business by 30%. BS Chemistry/Biology, Norwich University; Graduate Programs


Jonathan N. Kremsky: Ph.D., Chief Technology Advisor, Dr. Jonathan N. Kremsky has more than 25 years experience in the synthesis, scale-up and production of organic chemicals. He is the founder of Prime Organics, Inc. Previously, he was the Director of Process Chemistry for the Milligen Division of Millipore Corporation and directly responsible for the manufacture of chemicals for DNA and peptide synthesis. Dr. Kremsky was the Senior Scientist for Millipore's Specialty Chemical Group, overseeing the R&D of new chemistry for chromatography products. Dr Kremsky also worked several years at the DNA Institute. Dr. Kremsky is an adjunct Professor of Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and a member of the Biological Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society. He is the author of seven publications and has two U.S. Patents. Dr. Kremsky received his B.S. in Chemistry from Michigan State University and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1983.

Steven F. McGrath: Consultant, is the retired director of the analytical laboratory for the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology.  Since 1974, he has been involved with solvent extraction technology in the non-ferrous metals industry.  He was a plant operator at the experimental Arbiter facility in Anaconda, Montana (operated by the Anaconda Company), which was the first modern solvent extraction-electrowining (SX/EW) hydro-metallurgical copper production facility in the state.  Subsequently, he has worked in plants using ion exchange technology to extract metals from acid mine drainage (AMD) and has conducted research into novel acoustic mixing technology for use in solvent extraction mixers.  He has consulted abroad for copper mining operations in optimizing SX/EW operations.  He is very familiar with conventional mass transfer technology used in metal recovery operations.