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Dynamic separation of red and blue dyes from grape soda

Overview: Prime Separations Inc. Film Based Chromatography (FBC)

Prime Separations, Inc. (PSI) patented process, employs the use of a thin layer of chromatographically active capture material and a method of separating a component of interest from a fluid utilizing a chromatographic separation chamber.

The capture environment is a thin layer of a functionalized polymeric material that is chemically interactive with one of more target products. The functionalized polymeric material, applied to a substrate material, exhibits a high affinity and specificity for the target product of interest. The functionalized polymeric material can be highly "customized," meaning it is developed uniquely for the desired target compound. The target product specifically and efficiently interacts with and binds to the custom ligand, leaving other materials behind. The binding between the desired product and the functionalized polymeric material occurs through a broad range of potential phase interactions, lending additional flexibility to the PSI solution.    


PSI’s separation web is a continuously moving film allowing sorption /desorption of target molecules to take place simultaneously. Initially, the chromatographic film travels through the sample capture station where target molecules chemically interact with the active film surface and then moves to product de-sorption stations to selectively release target molecules from the film surface for collection. The film is re-equilibrated at the final station and the process is repeated as a continuous process.