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Extraction of Metals from Sea Nodules

Prime Separations, Inc.   News: June 7, 2016

Prime Separations, Inc. (PSI), Arlington, Ma has successfully completed a feasibility study for the recovery of metals from sea nodules. PSI has developed a separation process using sea nodules employing PSI’s patented film based chromatographic (FBC) separation technology. The recently completed Phase I effort, in co-operation with ZERI eu, produced a separation process that represents a universal method for the extraction and isolation of metals, regardless of the source.

On February 1, 2016, a European consortium launched a new Horizon 2020 project: Blue Modules. See Blue Mining for information. The project focus is on recovery and extraction of metals from sea nodules obtained using deep sea mining techniques.

The United States government recently approved private sector exploration and recovery of metals from asteroids. This is further recognition by the world of the growing value of metals for our very existence.

Prime Separations, Inc.

Prime Separations was started in early 2003 in the laboratory of a company that synthesized specialty chemicals for large/small businesses. The founder had been a partner in this business before retiring in 2000 then returning to science as he had envisioned a new separations solution. Because of his extensive polymer, chemistry and industry experience gained over 25 years in Polaroid’s research laboratories, consulting experience and the founder of Cohesive Technologies, Acton, MA, he was able to put this unique background together with assistance from a successful early stage life science process, business leader/investor to enable this significant invention which received its first patent in 2007 (U.S. 7,285,219 B2). Subsequent work over the next few years refined the manufacturing process by developing proprietary process techniques that would lead to successful product/market entry.

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