Prime Separations
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Markets Addressed

Legal Cannabis and CBD---New Emerging market $22.6 billion by 2021- Medical Marijuana
The public demand for medical marijuana is growing rapidly as people recognize the therapeutic/medical value of different Cannabinoids. State governments are recognizing the will of the people and legalizing the use of medical marijuana at a rapid pace. Various reports indicate a rapid growth for the legal cannabis market from $6.7 billion in 2016 to $22.6 billion by 2021. As a subset of the total cannabis market is the non-psychoactive CBD market. The CBD market is estimated to grow to $3 billion by 2021. Initially, Prime Separations will focus on producing high purity CBD. Prime’s film based chromatographic (FBC) technology offers several operational and economic advantages over standard column separation methods currently practiced for the separation and purification of the different Cannabinoids and other components present in Hemp.

Oil and gas industry---Water is the key

The produced water market worldwide is $40B+ and growing at over 5% per annum. In the US with the extensive growth of the Balkan area in oil and gas, the Marcellus Shale area for gas, and in oil and gas fracturing techniques being utilized on old/new energy deposits, the US is on the doorstep of becoming the world’s largest energy producer. This will result in a geopolitical shift that could restore America’s dominance in many industries for the next century.

At the heart of this opportunity is one major issue…WATER…accessibility, use and re-cycling that presents the greatest challenge especially in those areas (Balkan’s fields are in North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota) and in other arid geographic locations where water is limited and necessary to provide for food production (farming), the support of livestock and especially for sufficient potable water for human consumption.

Prime has a solution that will reduce the current cost/barrel by at least 50%, provide for far less usage of clean water and allow for on-site remediation rather than costly multiple trucking of produced water. Prime can provide water on-site for additional fracturing or for farming, livestock or portable water.

Read "Water Demand is Flash Point in Dakota Oil Boom" at

Food, Agriculture…… $5B+

Prime has had significant interest from multi -billion dollar firms to remove contaminants from fermentation broth generating fuels and chemicals from biomass. Prime has also been invited to make proposals to an international food processing companies to extract and separate value added chemicals from waste products generated in their process.



Data generated by an independent public pharmaceutical company indicates a substantial economic advantage in media processing costs (US, $4000 versus $40/ kilo of recombinant protein) versus current separation methods. Prime’s process would eliminate ultra-filtration as it can operate in the presence of debris, dramatically reduce water consumption therefore increasing drug plant capacity by over 300% for the same manufacturing footprint, increase yields…many other benefits.


Mining……$4B+ Gold, tailing pond remediation

PSI has had mining tests completed by an independent laboratory and worldwide mining expert which concluded that PSI’s solution would provide significant cost reductions and provide a far better method for precious metals extraction (gold was particularly highlighted due to the value and elimination of many costly processes). Prime’s film based chromatography would improve the environmental safety of mining procedures currently practiced and allow for boutique mining in areas of limited access..


The recovery of gold from mining solution by Carbon in Pulp (CIP) or Carbon in Leach (CIL) processes incorporates the use of carbon. Prime has created a document that addresses the replacement of the “carbon process” using Prime’s film based chromatography (FBC) technology.

E-waste (recovery of precious metals from end of life electronics, sewage cake…other hazardous materials and compositions)

Prime has successfully processed e-waste in the form of pulverized cell phones and selectively removed copper, gold and lead from the complex metal mixture using our chromatographic film and proprietary solution chemistries. This was accomplished in two simple separation processes and represents capture of 85% of the economic value contained in the e-waste. Prime is continuing efforts along with de-manufacturing partners to selectively capture and isolate the remaining metals within the e-waste mixture

The PSI model supports with a major partner the establishment of regional processing centers for the total recycling of e-waste and recovery of precious metals from same. PSI is looking to develop collaborative relationships with established de-manufacturing operations throughout the United States. Currently, recycling of metals from end of life electronics (e-waste) is accomplished using highly polluting and energy intensive pyrometallugical (smelting) methods. Smelting also requires several manipulative steps to effect a separation and is restrictive in the processing of certain metals for which penalties are incurred. These processes have been practiced for hundreds of years and are essentially a method of convenience for the client because there hasn’t been a good commercial alternative to smelting until the introduction of Prime’s film based chromatography and hydrometallurgical processing methods.